Sunday Morning is a digital scrapbook about a small Victorian house renovation in London. Along the way, I’ll share my inspiration, advice, occasional meltdowns and, hopefully, progress.

I’m on a budget which means I’ll be DIY-ing the heck out of the place, despite extremely limited DIY experience. It’ll be great! What could go wrong?

Before House, my tool collection consisted of flatpack furniture assembly doodahs and I was happy. Now I have an overflowing box of ‘real’ tools and an internet search history that’s probably more of a cry for help – ‘floorboards still smell of wee fix now how PLEASE’. I wish I was joking. I can provide a screenshot.

So, hello. I’m Amanda. I’d love to spend my money on pretty homewares, Scandinavian furniture, and travel, but I’ve bought a slightly falling down house. This is my story.

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